WATER – Presenteer je paper op Ultrapure Micro 2018 (Texas)

11 februari 2018

WATER – Presenteer je paper op Ultrapure Micro 2018 (Texas)

Voer je onderzoek naar ultrapuur water, watermanagement, natte processen of hoogzuivere chemicaliën? Dan is Global Water Intelligence, uitgever van diverse publicaties voor de wereldwijde waterindustrie, misschien wel naar jouw studie op zoek.

Op 30 mei 2018 zullen diverse papers voorgesteld worden aan het publiek. Dit gebeurt tijdens Ultrapure Micro 2018 (Texas) een gerenommeerde conferentie rond ultrapuur water en de micro-elektronische industrie.

Waag je kans door een samenvatting van je paper in te zenden.

Hieronder vind je de originele call for papers van Global Water Intelligence:


Call for Papers: Ultrapure Micro 2018 Conference

Global Water Intelligence is calling for abstract submissions to be considered for presentation at Ultrapure Micro 2018 on May 30 - June 1 at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas. Abstracts will be reviewed in close collaboration with subject matter experts from Evoqua, FTD Solutions, Global Foundries, Intel, Samsung, and Tesla. The submission deadline is March 2nd, 2018 and submissions can be made at http://ultrapuremicro2018.com/submit-an-abstract/

This year the conference will feature three parallel tracks, an interactive roundtable session, and a pre-conference training workshop. To better serve the microelectronics industry, UPMicro a new track dedicated to High Purity Chemicals & Wet Processing to run in conjunction with the Ultrapure Water Production and Water and Wastewater Management tracks.

UPW Micro 2018 Co-Moderators

High Purity Chemicals

  • Don Hadder, Intel
  • Bob McIntosh, Enviro Energy Solutions
  • Daniel Stucky, Samsung

Ultrapure Water

  • Steven Edmund, Intel
  • Slava Libman, FTD Solutions
  • Dan Wilcox, Tesla Motors (Gigafactory)
  • Bernie Zerfas, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Water Management

  • Season Hill, Samsung
  • Alan Knapp, Evoqua
  • Alex Milshteen, Intel

Suggested topics

Ultrapure Water Production

  • Particles management/control
  • Particles monitoring
  • H2O2 monitoring/control/Impact on the manufacturing process
  • UPW materials improvements
  • Point of use treatment
  • Organics monitoring; TOC speciation
  • Metals in UPW
  • Cost reduction and other continuous improvement
  • UPW system maintenance challenges; Metrology calibration and maintenance
  • UPW system capacity management

Water Management

  • Reclamation and reuse challenges
  • New chemistry challenges
  • Organics control
  • Sulfuric acid management
  • Salinity in the wastewater
  • Wastewater monitoring issues
  • Cu waste management
  • Wafer thinning and slurry solids
  • Nitrate in water discharge
  • Hydrogen fluoride wastewater treatment
  • Dilute sulfuric treatment, TDS reduction
  • Brine management
  • Scrubbers
  • Cooling towers (make up, efficiency, concentration cycle improvement)
  • Water conservation and site water use

Wet Processing and High Purity Chemicals

  • Particles monitoring/management/control
  • Container materials and material quality improvements (Drums/totes)
  • Metallic Ion monitoring/control
  • New chemistry challenges
  • Filtration technology
  • IX purification
  • Use of surfactants and monitoring micelles
  • Measuring and control of organics
  • Reclaim and reuse
  • Chemical delivery
  • Post CMP cleaners
  • Supply chain challenges and management


Bron tekst en foto: Global Water Intelligence


WATER – Presenteer je paper op Ultrapure Micro 2018 (Texas)

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